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3 Tips for a Stress-Free Beach Vacation

When it comes to beach vacations, preparedness is the key to having great ones that leave you feeling relaxed and filled with beautiful memories you’ll look back on with joy for the rest of your life. Keep the following tips in mind the next time you and your family plan a trip to the seashore for a vacation that’s everything you want it to be.

1. Do Your Homework First

Not all beaches, resorts, and locations are created equally, so make sure you do plenty of research before you finalize your plans. Will you be traveling with children or your dogs in tow? Do you like to be around lots of people, or do you prefer more secluded areas where you can enjoy some privacy? Make sure the beach you’re considering is the best fit for the type of experience you’re looking to have.

2. Plan a Variety of Activities

Sometimes even the most carefully planned vacations don’t go exactly as anticipated. Unexpected bad weather in particular can really put a crimp in your plans, but planning for both favorable and unfavorable conditions can ensure you have a great time anyway. Pack a variety of items that suit different activities including sporting equipment, reading material, games, and so forth.

3. Rent a Property

Not everyone likes the experience of staying at a crowded hotel or resort, so look into renting properties like North Carolina coast rentals if you prefer your own space. Everyone in your travel party will have plenty of room to spread out and relax. You’ll enjoy a picture-perfect view right from home base. You’ll have your own kitchen, laundry facilities, and everything else you associate with the comforts of home as well.

Great trips to the beach definitely don’t just happen. They’re the result of careful research, planning, and sometimes a little bit of creative thinking on the fly. How will you and your family make sure your next beach vacation is one for the record books?…

Should I Take My Children To Antarctic?

There are only around 42,000 who explore Antarctica every year. Antarctica is a location that many people will never see. The cold climate of Antarctica is not what many people think of for a family vacation. Antarctica, however, can be an amazing experience for you and your children.

Part of the reason many people never see it is the difficulty in getting there. The content is only available for six months starting in November and ending in March. The timing does not give children who are usually in school many chances to go. Christmas break can be a great time to visit. December is the most popular month for a antarctic travel because the temperatures rise above freezing. In this month the sun shines longer, and seals and penguins are born.

A child should be eight or older before going to Antarctica. At this age, the child can entertain themselves on the ship. The child will also better appreciate conservation and the educational aspects of the trip.

The first thing you will want to consider is what ship to board to go to Antarctic. The recommended ships are expedition ships with under 200 passengers. Since only 100 people can go out onto Antarctica at a time, ships with small numbers offer more hands experiences. A child might enjoy the luxuries of a larger cruise ship and a more drive-by approach. Either way, the child will get to experience the icy glaciers, penguins, and seals.

It is also important to judge the child’s ocean worthiness. Every trip to Antarctic has to go through the Drake Passage. The Drake passage is where the Pacific, Atlantic, and southern oceans converge. It can be one of the roughest parts of the ocean with waves reaching up to the top part of the cruise ship. It is a good idea to have seasickness medicine on hand. During the 36 hour trip through the passage, it is a good idea to stay in the cabin. Pick out some exciting movies to watch with your child as you ride out the turbulence.

Once you have passed the passage, then it shouldn’t be much longer until you start to see signs of Antarctica. Once in Antarctica you and your children will marvel at the large glaciers of ice and snow. The cruise ship will have rules that they will go over before they allow you to walk out and explore Antarctica. Most cruises give you at least a couple of days of exploration.

The kids can get up close to penguins, seals, and whales. They may ride a kayak through the icy rivers. Other fun things that children can do is mail a postcard at the penguin post office and speak with the explorers who live in Port Lockroy.

Antarctica might seem like a harsh and cold place, but it offers a lot of educational experiences for children. The Antarctic is a safe and fun trip for children old enough to handle long rides in a ship. It is sure to be a trip that your family will talk about for a long time.